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Malware Reverse Engineering

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Cyber Security Track
Malware Expert
Security Analyst Track

Malware Reverse Engineering

The Malware Reverse Engineering Certification is a structured lab-based exam for Malware Professionals looking to expand their level of Malware Analysis knowledge with reverse-engineering malware techniques in controlled environments.  The lab-based program will test the skills necessary for encountering, analyzing and reverse-engineering malicious code to determine the code’s intent and capabilities.


The program will provide the Malware Professional the ability to advance their Malware Analyst Skills with an advanced hands-on lab based structure.  This will give the student the highly sought after skills of being a Malware Reverse Engineer.  It will provide the student with the formatting, methodologies and tools necessary for reverse engineering malware techniques that simulate real-world scenarios all within a structured lab format. 


Due to the expert-level structured lab format OpSec Cyber Security Institute’s provides, we will not be handing out ahead of time the entire LAB Curriculum.  A portion of the Malware Reverse Engineering Lab format will contain:

  • Create Toolkit for Reverse Engineering

  • Dynamic and Static Analysis for determination of the code’s behavior

  • Malware Code execution analysis

  • Reverse Engineering malicious files, content and programs

  • Examining Shellcode

  • Analyzing Memory for forensics and characteristics

Class Date:
Coming Soon

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