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Malware Analyst

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Cyber Security Track
Security Analyst
Network+, Security+ or Workplace Equivalent

Malware Analyst

The Malware Analyst Certification is a vendor-neutral credential exam for IT Professionals looking to expand their foundational knowledge with Malware.  OpSec Cyber Security Institute’s Malware Analyst Certification exam tests the skills necessary for IT Professionals for encountering malicious or suspicious device behavior(s) within networks.


The Malware Analyst Certification program provides the IT Professional the ability to investigate suspicious device and network behavior, while mitigating the exploitation and propagation of the analyzed traffic’s characteristics.  The program will instruct the Malware Analyst student to conduct dynamic and static analysis of a code’s suspicious behavior.  It will additionally format responses to the suspicious behavior by determining its Indicators of Compromise and Network Presence.  The Malware Analyst student will be responsible for developing tools, procedures and automation for detecting the suspicious behavior in advance.


The OpSec Cyber Security Institute’s Malware Analyst Certification will focus its training and structured labs with the standard domain structure containing:

                        Domain 1:  Malware Introduction

                        Domain 2:  Malware Techniques

                        Domain 3:  Investigation Techniques and Toolkits

                        Domain 4:  Mitigation and Incident Response

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